About Me

A Passion for Photography

Freelance Photographer / Traveller

Johnny Quaade

Hi, I am Johnny. A Freelance / Hobby Photographer from Sweden,  but now residing in warm sunny southern Spain, And of course are available anywhere you like.

I love to travel around Europe, and the US for photosessions, please get in touch if you are interested in a shoot with me.
Photography is something you have inside you, maybe you just havent discovered it yet. For me i have enjoyed photography since i was a young kid, but havent pursued it until later in life.

After many years in the service industry in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Cruice Ships i ended up again on dry land. And a few years ago i finally decided it was time to get a new DSLR and get back into photography.

I really enjoy taking walks with my camera and try to discover new things to photograph, and keep learning. Also a firm believer that nobody will ever be perfect and know all about photography. The day you think you know all there is to know about photography, that’s the day you should put your camera down and find a new hobby or line of work.
You will not learn news things from that day on.

Learning new things and styles is important for me, and so most models have their unique style that I always walk away with new inspiration, everybody has a different story and experience that will be new to you. So listen to it and take advantage of every moment.

One thing that really gives me joy is to see the reaction in a models face when they see how they look in the photography. “Is that really me” is one of the most usual responses.A happy client that walks away with photographs that they truely treasure, is a wonderful feeling for me as the photographer.

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