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Hire me for your next event or photography needs ?

If you are interested in creating amazing photos of you and  your family members, Maybe you like to make a photosession in Glamour style for you loved one..
Well all you need to do is send me a short message and I will get back to you and talk about what we can make, to fit just what you like.
To learn more about what styles and type of photography I do, please visit the Service page here

What are your Photography needs ?
/ Hour
  • 1 Hour Shooting
  • 2 Selects in Print
  • 20-25 Digital Images
  • HIRez & WebReady files
  • Rights to use everywhere *
  • Coffe, Tea, Water on location
/ Hour
  • Restaurant, Product, Studio.. etc
  • 3 Selects I Print
  • 20-25 Digital Images
  • HiRez & WebReady for Download
  • Rights to use everywhere
  • Images safely stored up to 10 Years
On Request
  • Custom designed to your needs
  • Motorsport, Travel, Presentation
  • Available for special request events
  • HiRez & WebReady for Download
  • Rights to use everywhere*
  • Images safely stored up to 10 Years
*Use exceptions

*Except for commercial use in publications, advertisement, TV, Youtube, Webcast or any other form of use to promote a product or service. Other then your own website, Social media etc.

Unless otherwise agreed upon

Contact me for more info on how I can help you

If you like to talk more about your project and how I can help you with your Photography needs, please don not hesitate to contact me via the Facebook page Messenger in the Right bottom of this page.
I have decided to use this as the initial contact form due to heavily Spam on email and phone lines.

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