FORD Performance to leave WEC

FORD Performance have confirmed rumours that they will leave the WEC at the end of this season.

As a FORD fan this was a hard blow to hear, But just seconds later to hear that Keating Motorsport hopefully will get back i the race again next season, even after the brutal penalty they suffered in Le Mans this year. That was good news and i really hope to see more of this team.

FORD Performance said they will no longer have the factory support, but leaves the door open for private teams to take over the cars and continue on.
This of course open the question to Chip Ganassi Racing who have for the past 4 year had a enormous success, if they will take over and run the cars without the FORD factory support. An option is to possibly run in the AM series.

At this time no deals have been made, but Westbrook have commented that they have been asked, “not to pursue other drives” after this season. Maybe an indication something is being setup for next year.

IMSA Racing in Daytona for the Daytona 24Rolex race.

As a FORD fan, i hope this will be arranged so we still see these stunning cars and amazing drivers on the track, and ofcourse more from Keating Motorsport that performed so well this year in Le Mans 24 Hour.

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