Julia & Maja Sister portraits

It was on a beautiful sunny day in Hokksund, a bit southwest of Oslo in Norway.
We meet at the parking lot and decide to use the schoolgrounds for our Portrait shooting.

Julia contacted me to plan a Portrait shoot with herself and her sister, they wanted to create a photo memory of them and some photos to use on their social media sites.
We started out slowly and they both settled in to the feeling of posing 🙂

Suddenly during the shoot we came up with a funny style photo, Julia got lots of messages on her phone, and while reading them. Maja got a bit lonely.
We took that and made that a photo, in this photo we worked on a feeling were Maja felt left out and a bit grumpy that Julia got all the attention.. It took a while to get the shot, but it was a lot of fun to get there.

The entire theme was supposed to show the 2 sisters playing and having fun in the summerday in Norway. And the school playgrounds was a perfect place to shoot.

Lovely Julia really sparkled in front of the camera. A wonderful young woman with a big heart and caring personality.

When you have a young girl in the playgrounds you need to be fast, and the art of planing and setting up for the great shot is just not possible. You just have to go with the flow, and often this is when the genuine photos are made.

It was a great feeling and honour for me to be the one to photograph them, we had a fantastic day and so much fun to see theses sisters really show their sister love.

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