Le Mans ACO Membership

Going to a Le Mans 24 Hour race is just a experience of a lifetime, the cars, the people, the track and all the things happening around you at all times.
Just don’t get any better then that right ?.. Well it can actually get a whole lot better…

Its called ACO Elite Member..

Last time i went to Lemans 24 hours 2019 I had the ACO Elite Membership ticket with me and experienced the benefits of being a ACO member

First of all let’s take a look at the two different options of this ACO Membership
You have regular ACO Member which is €98 right now, And then you have the ACO Elite Member which is €249
So it’s quite a big price difference in these two memberships, But what is the difference and what are you getting for that extra €151

When you arrive at the track as an ACO member, first this you should do is go to the ACO Member center on Wednesday of the raceweek, they open up at 8 o’clock in the morning. You register yourself and receive your ACO Member wristband along with a very nice shiny so-called “Hardpass” to wear around your neck to show that you are an ACO Member, This is what gives you access to the members areas around the track.

The wristband is blue with the text ”ACO MEMBER” on it, do not loose this or you may be denied access to Member Areas. And before you leave home don’t forget your ACO Membership card so you can present this to get your 20% off all purchases in the Le Mans shops

As an ACO member you will also have access to the ACO Member center up in the Chapelle area which is a little bit beyond the Dunlop Bridge, Inside this member center there is a big screen TV, no not big screen.. MONSTER size wall TV that shows the race. Also while you are there dont forget to take your very own Le Mans 24 Official Selfie from the Selfie camera booth, a very cool souvenir postcard to bring home. and just lots of good information from the members

Still i the Chapell Member Center in the reception you collect your FREE totebag with yearly poster, program and various souveniers, information about the race that you’re about to see.
You can only get this bag here at the Chapelle Member Center, And ONLY member can get this.
Now if we move up a little bit to the ACO Elite membership, it is in general the same as the regular memership but with a few extra things that cost €249

The Elite ACO membership offers  you the advantage to get to pre-order tickets and camp site for the next season. This may not seem like a whole lot, but this is actually a very very good thing because you are getting access to order the campsite tickets before it gets released to the public

That means you can choose from several exclusive campsites area and almost be certain to get the spot you want if you are booking fast. 2 years ago i had a regular membership and that does not give you the early access to order the campsites, so I ended it up in the yellow camp area
And let me tell you, yellow camping is not something you want to end up in if you want to enjoy the race to the fullest.
Yellow camping is a party area and very loud and noisy, The year after i got the Blue area camping which is a little bit better But my goal was to get the red or green area were you are much closer to the race and with less party people

If you end up in the red or green area you have a completely different camping experience on the track. You will be inside the track and have access to a numbered pitch for your tent and your car.
So is it worth the extra money?
Well I think it all depends on how much you want to enjoy the race and how much money you want to spend, but for me personally I feel that the extra money gets me that much closer to the track and better experience of the race, so i feel its worth it. And absolutely worth to get pre-order acces to the ticket and campsites before it goes to the public.

If that part is not something you are interested in, well then maybe it’s not worth it for you.

If the pre-order advantage of being an ACO Member is not that important to you, but anyway interested in buying some more expensive tickets, Say for example the VIP tickets, the Pit-Walk with the GridWalk access tickets which are quite expensive then it might still be a good idea for you to be a ACO Elite Member so you can get your 20% off the ticket price

What does that mean in money?

Let’s take the Pit-Walk tickets that ticket is €689 for nonmembers, but as a ACO Member you will get these tickets for €422, this is quite a lot of money you save on becoming an ACO Member if you want to buy these tickets.
With the Pit-Walk ticket you would also get the GridWalk wristband, the yellow one that says “GRIDWALK” this will give you access to the Grid right before the race starts.
They open up the gates at 1:30 PM and you have 30 minutes on the track with the cars, drivers, owner’s, sponsors and all the VIPs which is quite a fantastic experience
But be early, there’s so many people doing this so its very crowded on the track. but still you will be able to walk up and see your cars and your favorite pilots up close and take self with them

BE VERY CAREFULL… The Yellow wristband is very very attractive to others, If they can snatch it from you.. they will. So i only wore mine on Raceday, just to be safe i would not loose it.
Also the Pitwalk ticket around your neck is more valuable to others then your phone, and it’s so easy to get this snatched in a crowd..
Just a heads up 🙂

That’s all about the ACO membership card for the Le Mans 24-hour, I hope this helps you decide if this is worth it for you.

Giddy up and see you at the races

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