Lifestyle with Elin in Sweden

It was the evening before the day….
My dear sister say she have a pretty friend that might be interested in a improvised photoshoot.
Nuff said… The day after we head out to the local park and in minutes the camera is ready.
Elin is a very Beautiful, Sparkling, Funny Blonde young woman. And not only that a great personality and fun to be with.
The shoot was totally unplanned and had no guidelines, but Elin was up for it and we got started.
A few frames in, she started to loosen up and her lovely personality came out.
I really like the way that we in just a few shots got to change from a funny playful girl to a more serious woman.

Elin has one love in her life…. Her AUDI… 🙂
And she loves to pose with this cool car, so ofcourse that was the main theme, and we got a few really cool lifestyle portraits with her and the car. A short story that tells the story of Elin.

Elin found an area in the park covered in beautiful fresh autum leafs and was no stranger to hit the ground, laying on her stomach and posing like a pro, i started to take photos of her.
And when she smiles this big, its easy to get good images

Thank you Elin, it was lots of fun.

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