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Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting.

This is my place in the internet where I will present my greatest 2 hobbies combine into one amazing experience.

It has taken time.. Way to much time to find the right style and design for my site, but finally I have come to a decision and now I am ready to start what I wanted several years ago.

I love Photography, and since my very first visit to the Le Mans 24 Hour I am totally hooked on racing, and what better luck can you have to be able to combine the 2 major interests into one.

On my pages and portfolios you will see some amazing photos from the worlds top ranked and most famous racetrack, and of course lots of cool photos of the cars, the pilots, the atmosphere and lots more.
I enjoy to take my photography into details, I mean to get close to the subject and present the minor details and curves, eg of the cars and Pit boxes.


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