Hi, My name I Johnny

A Swedish freelance / hobby photographer who now lives in warm sunny southern Spain, but I also travel around Europe for photo sessions
I think photography is something you have inside you, maybe you have not discovered it yet. For me, photography has been a big interest since I was little, but did not follow it up until later in life.

After many years in the service industry within Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Cruise Ships, I ended up on dry land again. And a few years ago, I finally decided it was time to get a new DSLR and go back to photography.

I love to go for walks with my camera and try to discover new things to photograph and continue to learn. My thought is that no one will ever be perfect and know everything about photography.
The day you think you know everything there is to know about photography, That’s the day you should put down your camera and find a new hobby or a new job.
You will not learn anything new from that day.

I love learning new things from other photographers and models I work with in different photography areas, everybody has a history and experience that will be new to you. So listen and learn from every moment.

One thing that really gives me joy is to see the reaction on the model’s face when they see themselves in the photograph. “Is this really me” is one of the most common answers. A happy customer who gets photographs that they really appreciate, is a wonderful feeling for me as a photographer.

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