F4 And F3 Testing week in Valencia

This week was on the Richardo Tromo Racetrack in Valencia for the F3 and F4 Testing week.

A full week packed with back to back racing in the sunny Valencia.
Its a special week because I will follow the young F3 Female Champion Nerea Marti of the Praga Karting Valencia.
At the age of 17 she will now move up one step I the career and starting 2020 she  will be in a F3 car, after meeting her for the first time in Barcelona beginning of November I have learned lots about the F4 competitions

Getting close to a team and its pilots is a fantastic feeling, being there when they get the trophy and attend interviews on the track. I will miss this and already look forward to the next event.

Praga Racing competing on the Circuit De Barcelona in the Racing Weekend with 3 cars

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